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LifeCare is an alliance of independent, not-for-profit hospitals, committed to collaboration and cost reductions through shared services.

History of LifeCare

Originally organized as the nonprofit corporation VHA of Oklahoma, Inc. in 1985, and renamed LifeCare Health Services, Inc. in 1997, our members have a long history working together. In 2004 LifeCare Health Services converted to a for profit LLC, wholly owned by not-for-profit tax exempt hospitals in Oklahoma. Historically, LifeCare has focused on facilitating the creating opportunities for hospitals to work together to create shared services that individual organizations would have difficulty actualizing on their own. As of 2023, approximately 43% of Oklahoma's population is within a 30 minute drive to a LifeCare Member Hospital.

The benefits that are anticipated to be gained from LifeCare membership include:

  • Reduction of duplication of services provided leading to individual cost savings

  • Creation of a “system-ness” platform without giving up organizational independence

  • Improved collaboration and coordination of care

  • Increased access to care between members

  • Physician involvement in governance leading to sharing of best practices

  • Improved physician alignment with hospitals

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Our Hospital Member-Owners

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Our Board of Directors consists of the CEOs of the member-owner hospitals. Since its formation, LifeCare Health Services have developed many services to benefit its owners. 

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