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LifeCare Value Network

Built around the LifeCare member hospitals and providers, the LifeCare Value Network (LVN) is designed to provide coordinated care to improve quality and patient outcomes while making the delivery process efficient.  Our goal is to partner with employers, payers, and other providers to bring the highest quality care to the communities we serve.

Accountable Care Organization

An Accountable Care Organization (ACO) is a vehicle in which providers and payers share the responsibility for the cost and quality of care delivered to a group of individuals.  LifeCare has participated in a Medicare ACO since 2018.  In this current arrangement, LifeCare assumes the responsibility for cost and quality of care of the assigned Medicare population in exchange for a share of any savings created.

Patient X-ray

Managed Medicaid

LifeCare Partners are contracted with SoonerSelect via the LifeCare Value Network. SoonerSelect members in our communities can choose to see a LifeCare network provider for their healthcare needs.


LifeCare Value Network has been participating with SoonerSelect since 2024.

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