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Managed Care Services

Negotiating managed care agreements can be one of the most challenging tasks providers face in today’s market.  Payers have all your data, a wealth of information on plan performance and design, and language that even the most skilled business office personnel can’t decipher. 

LifeCare provides a range of services to assist hospitals and group practices in negotiating favorable managed care agreements.  Reaching a fair market rate is critical in these negotiations, but equally important is making sure the contractual language is clear, concise and easy to implement.  LifeCare professionals can serve as your negotiating arm or equip your CFO and team with the necessary information for a successful negotiation.


LifeCare furnishes a variety of managed care services to our hospitals, their affiliated physicians, and other licensed practitioners.  If you are interested in potentially partnering with us or would like more information on the services we can offer you, please contact us here.



Fee Schedule Analysis


Evaluating fee schedules to ensure maximum revenue


Network Management

Helping hospitals recruit, credential, and contract quality providers


Network Credentialing

Verifying provider qualifications to ensure patient safety and minimize risk


Contract Consultation

Contract evaluation to reduce risk and increase benefits


Messenger Model Contracting

Helping networks of providers jointly contract with payers

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