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CMS expects that ACO's will have an effective Compliance Program. The goal of the Program is to prevent and detect potential compliance issues proactively.  As such, CMS requires ACO's to have a Compliance Plan, along with a "Culture of Compliance". The Plan sets expectations of clear and proper behavior of ACO Participants, ACO Providers/Suppliers, and any ACO-Related Individual.

Compliance at LifeCare

ACO Compliance Plan

Our Compliance Plan is comprehensive and includes all elements required by CMS. It sets clear expectations for ethical behavior, and serves as a guide to help all to whom it applies make clear and sound decisions in day-to-day activities. 

2023 Compliance Video

CMS requires that Providers who participate in a Medicare or Medicare Advantage Program, complete Compliance training annually.

Compliance Reporting

ACO's are required to investigate suspected ethical violations and violations of applicable federal and state laws. ACO's are required to report possible violations to appropriate law enforcement agencies.


All ACO-Related Individuals are required to report suspected non-compliance with applicable laws, regulations, the Compliance Plan, the Code of Conduct, or any MSSP requirements. All reports can be made anonymously, but should also be made in good faith.

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Tiffany Moody

ACO Compliance Officer

Compliance Officer Contact

Phone: (405) 821-0345


LifeCare Anonymous Reporting Hotline:

(405) 254-7515

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