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Accreditation Offerings at a Glance


Compliance Assessments


Mock Surveys


Adverse Survey Response & Recovery


Customized Education & Training


Advanced Technology


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Healthcare Accreditation can feel and seem like a daunting task.  We have a team of experts that can help simplify the accreditation process and help prepare your organization and staff before, during and after your survey.  Our experts have over 30 years of experience in healthcare accreditation. Let us be your trusted consultants whether you are new to accreditation or have experience and just need a boost. We offer continuous survey readiness, mock surveys, specialized education, adverse survey decision assistance and support and much more. 

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Get to Know Us

LifeCare Accreditation Services offers a unique approach to accreditation compliance. We believe in teaching the “why” behind the standards. When your staff understand the “why” they become more engaged in continual survey readiness. Routinely we see healthcare organizations over complicate accreditation compliance. We strive to find simple solutions to complex problems for organizations.  

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Accreditation Services We Provide

  • Survey Readiness

    • Mock Surveys for TJC, DVN, and CMS​

      • Clinical Mock Surveyors; and

      • Environment of Care & Life Safety Surveyors

    • Continuous Survey Readiness Subscription Services​

    • Adverse Survey Decision Response & Recovery

  • Assessments

    • Life Safety Assessments​

    • New build/construction consultations and assessments

    • Fire Door Inspections

    • Topic & Department Specific Reviews

      • Workplace Violence​

      • Healthcare Equity & Disparity

      • Surgical Services

      • Sterile Processing

      • Behavioral Health & Ligature Risks

  • New Accreditation Manager Mentoring Program

  • Customized Education & Training

    • Access to library of tools, tracers, checklists, and forms​

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