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At LifeCare...

Our mission is to create a system of integrated, locally-based healthcare organizations. 

LifeCare Health Services has a vision to bring together organizations that are committed to collaborating and coordinating the delivery of healthcare services. 


                                                     Our goals are to:

                                                                     Improve health outcomes 

                                                                     Reduce overall costs

                                                                     Increase access to care

                                                                     Maximize the efficiency of care delivery

                                                                     Create a sustainable healthcare model

  • Originally formed as a NFP Corporation in 1985, and converted to an OK LLC in 2004, LifeCare was formed to provide shared services and resources for independent community-based hospitals in Oklahoma.

  • LifeCare was reorganized in 2017 with a renewed focus on improving population health and working toward the formation of a clinically integrated network of independent providers.

  • LifeCare's current service offerings include:

Accreditation Services

We offer compliance assessments, survey readiness, and customized education and training. 

Insurance Brokerage

We have a variety of aggregate insurance products that we can offer to our members and partners at competitive prices. 

Managed Care Services

We offer services to assist hospitals and group practices negotiate favorable managed care agreement terms. 

Insurance Captives

LifeCare has a professional liability captive, as well as a property captive.

Value-Based Care

LifeCare is committed to helping our members and partners attain success in value-based payment arrangements, through the provision of quality care at an effective price point.

HR Support Services

We are pleased to be able to offer our members and partners HR support services including benefit design, actuarial services, compliance assessments, and more.

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